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  2. Gatorade Packages for High Schools -- save up to 80% off retail prices
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Catcher's Gear. Fielder's Gear. Replacement Nets. Officials Gear.

Pitching Mats. Softball Machines.

Gatorade Powder Pack

Training Equipment. Protective Gear. Indoor Glass Backboards. Floor Covers. Wall Padding.

Gatorade Packages for High Schools -- save up to 80% off retail prices

Backboard Packages. Complete Systems.

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Outdoor Court Maintenance. Adjustable Height Systems. Fixed Height Systems.

Gatorade High School Packages

Playground Systems. Competition Breakaway Goals. Recreational Breakaway Goals. Recreational Fixed Goals. The Workout Military Care Package. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Custom Card Message: Dear Hero,.

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  5. Upload Personal Photo Below: Maximum file size is ,. Current Stock:. No it should not. Diluting Gatorade reduces its effectiveness because doing so waters down the taste, reduces the amount of carbohydrate that can be delivered to active muscles, and dilutes the electrolytes necessary to promote rehydration. That is why care must be taken anytime Gatorade powder is mixed.

    Adding too much or too little water to the mix will adversely affect Gatorade effectiveness. More than 50 years of scientific research has gone into Gatorade to assure its formula is optimal. Gatorade is a thirst quencher, a fluid replacement beverage for use when people are hot and thirsty.

    Many energy drinks contain caffeine and about three times as much carbohydrate as Gatorade, as well as other substances such as ginseng, taurine, etc. As a result, these drinks slow fluid absorption and should not be used for those occasions when rapid replacement of fluid, carbohydrates and electrolytes is important. Once opened, Gatorade should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within days after opening. For optimal flavour, the product should be consumed within 9 months or less. Please check the best before date on pack for the shelf life. The date on the first line of the neck of the bottle indicates when Gatorade is at its optimal freshness and flavour.

    Gatorade can be safely consumed past that date if the seal is intact and the product has been stored in a clean, dry, cool environment. Gatorade plastic caps have bands that separate once the cap has been loosened. Tamper bands are not used on the powder canisters as these have an induction seal underneath the cap. Additionally, we're constantly working to reduce the amount of material we use to make a bottle.

    In fact, a ml Gatorade bottle weighs 10 percent less than it did in Six per cent is the concentration, and means six grams of carbohydrate per mL of fluid metric units. The label will list 14 g per ml serving. When checking carbohydrate percentages, refer to the Nutrition Information Panel and the per ml column.

    In scientific terms, osmolality is a measure of the number of particles in a solution and can affect absorption properties. For example, water has a very low osmolality close to zero whereas orange or apple juice has a higher osmolality because there is more sugar molecules dissolved in it. That and the types of carbohydrate and electrolytes help assure rapid absorption.

    UNBOXING: CRAZY Limited JORDAN x Gatorade SNEAKER Collection

    If beverage osmolality becomes too high e. Yes, Gatorade is formulated to taste best during physical activity because it contains electrolytes and the right flavour profile to help drive the thirst mechanism. The right flavour profile is achieved by creating flavours that are light and not overpowering so that they can be consumed in large quantities with minimum sensory overload during physical activity.

    In Gatorade, the key electrolytes are sodium, potassium and chloride. When athletes sweat, they lose electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and chloride that are essential to hydration and muscle function. Gatorade is lab-tested to ensure it helps replenish the electrolytes lost in sweat and stimulates thirst so athletes will ingest an adequate amount of fluid and electrolytes to stay better well-hydrated compared to when using beverages without electrolytes, particularly sodium.

    The colours of Gatorade not only look good but also help in flavour perception and enable you to tell different flavours apart. HFCS is not used in Australia for Gatorade products, as cane sugar is freely available in this region.